Women of Asphalt Virginia Continues to Soar: Roanoke Reception Hosted by Associated Asphalt

To move the needle in a male-dominated asphalt industry, women must be proactive champions and seek opportunities to create change. Encouraging other women to join our efforts is the goal of Women of Asphalt Virginia. We have, without a doubt, seen improvement over the years as companies recognize the contribution women can make to better our industry. Still, there’s always more we can do to help make the asphalt industry more inclusive.

On Thursday, May 19, the ladies of Associated Asphalt stepped up as proactive champions. They hosted a wonderful evening reception for our WofA branch at their beautiful corporate office in Roanoke, VA. More than 25 women attended to connect, make new acquaintances, and be inspired to continue pursuing our mission.

WofA VA’s goal to create an environment where women can be the majority instead of the minority was a success, and the ladies left feeling so inspired. These in-person events are crucial, and the outcomes always leave us more motivated to keep pushing for change and impacting our industry. It was inspiring to see women travel for three or more hours to attend. It was also refreshing to recognize the experience levels ranging from CEOs, managers and administration workers, to truck drivers, pavers and flaggers in the field.

Women brought their daughters, some found neighbors they didn’t know they had, and some realized that their voices could be better heard in an atmosphere where women of asphalt are the common denominator. Fresh points of view enriched our conversations with valuable building blocks we can use to further construct our branch and plan where we go moving forward.

Our motivation to keep our place as the WofA branch leading in membership is also at an all-time high with a friendly competition by WofA national for May and June. At 130 members strong, WofA VA plans to keep the membership momentum going to reach women and men across the state. The branch will continue to invite and include all members to future events while stretching to other parts of the state to connect with more like-minded women and men in the industry. Keep your eyes open for news of our upcoming events and info on how you can be involved in supporting our mission. Thank you again to Associated Asphalt of Roanoke. We appreciate everything you did and are doing for our branch. Continue to Lead and Inspire!