VTRC, VAA lead BMD round robin effort

How close is close enough? How do I know my equipment works? Am I running the test properly? All are questions being raised around the new suite of tests for balanced mix design (BMD). While Cantabro uses an LA Abrasion machine, and rutting will be determined following an existing VDOT test method, the Ideal-CT test is new to almost everyone. This Fall, VTRC will be sponsoring a laboratory round robin effort with the assistance of VAA staff. The round robin will use precisely fabricated asphalt samples from a third-party lab for testing by participating companies and VDOT facilities. The overall goal is to investigate the variability in test results across a range of lab, equipment, and technician using “identical” asphalt mixes. Once the testing is completed and results reported, VTRC scientist will dig into the data and assess the results. By the 2020 Asphalt Seminar in March, preliminary results should be available. To learn more about the round robin, contact Dr. Stacey Diefenderfer, P.E. or Mike Dudley.