VECAT: What classes & tests are available?

Everyone is asking: What VECAT Asphalt Credentialing classes can I take? The answer is simple; all VECAT asphalt classes are available online. To sign up for one of the ten classes, visit the Germanna Community College website or click on this link.

While all classes are open for registration in an online format, testing is a bit more complicated. Since mid-Summer, the Asphalt Field Level I, Asphalt Plant Level I, Slurry Surfacing, Surface Treatment, Cold Asphalt Recycling – Plant, Cold Asphalt Recycling – Field, and Full-Depth Reclamation exams can be taken remotely. To learn how to take a remote exam, contact David Laraway at GCC.

Asphalt Field Level II, Asphalt Plant Level II, and Asphalt Mix Design are being offered at GCC’s FredCAT facility and in Danville and Abingdon (by appointment only). These exams must be taken in-person due to the nature of the materials. Again, contact David for assistance in scheduling an in-person exam.

Finally, virtual proficiency exams for Asphalt Plant Level I and Asphalt Plant Level II are underway. If you need to schedule one of these proficiencies, contact Judith Calvert at GCC. VECAT is also in the process of finalizing a virtual Asphalt Mix Design proficiency exam. Once the Asphalt Mix Design proficiency exam is completed, individuals will be contacted.

If you have questions regarding VECAT, please feel free to contact VAA or GCC. In the next month or two, plans for the 2021 VECAT Asphalt Credentialing Classes will be provided. Stay tuned!