VECAT virtual proficiency testing spotlighted at NAPA mid-year meeting

With the restrictions imposed on government, educational institutions, and industry due to COVID-19, the delivery of VECAT services has been greatly hindered. Not only were in-person classes canceled, so was the ability for individuals to take written and proficiency exams. While some of the written exams were moved to remote administration by Germanna Community College, the Asphalt Plant Level II proficiency exam and Asphalt Mix Design proficiency exam were put on hold. However, as described in previous Asphalt News articles, the VECAT partners developed an approach to perform the Asphalt Plant Level II proficiency exam virtually. This approach caught the attention of NAPA, and VAA Director Mike Dudley was asked to present at their Mid-Year meeting on July 15.

Mike and other presenters were featured in a closing session of the meeting. The session looked at ways to use innovation and technology to train and test employees. Mike covered the evolution of VECAT and described the virtual testing process. After the session, several individuals from other states requested a copy of his presentation to share with their state transportation agency. To get a copy of Mike’s PowerPoint, just contact Mike Dudley or the VAA office.