VECAT season is coming to an end

As the changing leaves on the trees signal the end of summer, it also signals the VECAT training season’s end. Since the start of the pandemic in March, VECAT classes and many of the exams have been online. Over the last few months, written exams for Asphalt Field Level II, Asphalt Plant Level II, and Asphalt Mix Design have been performed at FredCAT, Danville, and in Abingdon, where testing centers have been opened. The Asphalt Plant Level I and Asphalt Plant Level II proficiency exams are being performed virtually. Now, the Asphalt Mix Design proficiency exam can be conducted at FredCAT and virtually. For the exam at FredCAT, students will be demonstrating each step required for credentialing. The same will be done for the virtual exam; however, the student will conduct the testing in their lab. With the assistance of a second person holding a camera, VECAT proctors will remotely observe the testing.

With just 75 days left in the year, finish your classes and exams today! Contact Judith Calvert or Dave Laraway to schedule a course or exam. As a reminder, all VECAT class videos are available on YouTube. Just search for VECAT on YouTube to watch the videos when it is convenient for you.