VECAT rolling along

As February comes to an end, so do many of the VECAT “Live” classes. Since the middle of January, VECAT has held two sets of Asphalt Field classes, one round of Asphalt Plant classes, Asphalt Mix Design class, Slurry Surfacing, and Surface Treatment. To date in 2020, more than 500 people have attended one of the VECAT “Live” classes. For March, Asphalt Field, Asphalt Plant, Asphalt Mix Design, Slurry Surfacing and Surface Treatment classes are scheduled.

Along with these classes, the first set of Cold Pavement Recycling Classes will be held at FredCAT. While piloted in 2017, Cold Asphalt Recycling – Plant, Cold Asphalt Recycling – Field and Full-Depth Reclamation Technician Certification classes will now satisfy the new VDOT specification requirements.

In addition to the “Live” classes, VECAT is rolling along on-line. Students can take all VECAT classes online, but remember the written exam must be administered at an official location. Contact Dave Laraway or Judith Calvert with any questions.