VECAT online classes on hold from now until July 1

Germanna’s transformation from the current Blackboard system to their new Canvas system is now underway. As a result, the following are now in effect.

  1. For new registrations: If you need to register between now and July 1, you can register for the class now, but cannot begin taking the class until July 1.
  2. If you registered by midnight on April 30: You can continue taking the online class as long as you finish by June 1.
  3. Login information (username and password): Canvas login information will be the same as for Blackboard for students that already have login credentials for Blackboard.
  4. Reminder: The six classes available in VECAT are part of the FastForward (WCG) program; however, eligible students can only enroll in a particular WCG class one time. For example, if a person has already taken Field Level I using WCG and enrolls in Field Level I again, they must register in the non-WCG Field Level I class the next time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this program upgrade may cause you. If you have questions regarding classes for which you are already registered or classes that still need to be taken, please contact Judith Calvert at Germanna: