VECAT now offers students national specifications manuals

VDOT, like many other departments of transportation, create specifications explicit to their state. However, most start from the basis of an AASHTO or ASTM national specification, method, or testing standard. When developed in-house, VDOT specifications and standards may not reference the accompanying AASHTO or ASTM specification or standard. But some specifications completely follow the AASHTO or ASTM specification or a variation of that specification. In those instances, the testing lab and technician must have those AASHTO and ASTM documents to accompany the VDOT specification.

For the VECAT program, students are supplied with study guides and specification documents for the classes they take. While providing VDOT specifications, test methods and manuals of instruction are not an issue, ASTM and AASHTO materials are copyrighted and restrict unlawful distribution. After several months of negotiations with AASHTO and ASTM, VECAT can provide National Specifications Manuals for the Asphalt Plant Level I, Asphalt Plant Level II, and Asphalt Mix Design Classes. These manuals contain the AASHTO and ASTM documents needed to complete the VECAT class.

Many students will already have access to these specifications within their company. But, students needing the National Specifications Manuals will be able to purchase books by accessing a page in the “Start Here” module of Germanna’s Canvas system. There will be a page for each manual and a link to buy on each page. Each of the three manuals has a VAA member and non-member price. Once ordered, VECAT will mail a hard copy of the manual to the student.

If you have any question about these manuals, feel free to contact Mike Dudley.