VDOT’s Paving Maintenance Schedule Process is Changing

Starting with the advertisement and bid letting schedule for 2022 paving maintenance projects, the Virginia Department of Transportation is changing the process. In September, VDOT informed the industry that the 2022 Plant Mix Schedules bid letting will be held in January and February. By completing the bid letting before March, VDOT plans on executing and awarding contracts sooner. Then, depending on weather and temperatures, more contractors will start paving in late March or early April.

While the letting process for 2022 has been altered, so has the contract development process for 2023. Overall, the contract development timeline has been moved forward two months. Many potential specification changes for 2023 will be discussed starting in December 2021 and finalized in the first half of 2022. During the late winter and spring of 2022, districts will be riding routes to determine pavement maintenance actions and assess traffic engineering items. By June 2022, specifications for 2023 will be finalized, and by August/September, contract documents developed.

Look for other changes and specification updates in the VAA News Center.