VDOT Materials Division issues directive on weigh tickets

For several years, VDOT and Contractors have been investigating the use of Electronic Weigh Tickets (E-Ticketing). The primary benefits of exploring E-Ticketing were a simplification of the weigh ticket preparation process at the plant and the delivery of the ticket at the project site. E-Ticketing also removed a person in the work area and improved safety.

A select use special provision for E-Ticketing was developed three years ago. Now a general use Special Provision exists and is being encouraged by VDOT’s Materials Division to fight the spread of COVID-19. This directive, developed by VDOT with VAA input, allows contractors to propose the use of E-Ticketing for their projects. However, not every contractor, asphalt plant, or project can implement E-Ticketing. For those instances, VDOT has directed the plants to scan and email all weigh tickets and TL-102’s daily. In some situations, the contractor and VDOT District Materials Section may agree to an alternative approach for the collection and delivery of tickets.

To see the internal memo sent by the Materials Division, please contact David Lee (dlee@vaasphalt.com) or Trenton Clark (tclark@vaasphalt.com). VAA congratulates VDOT on moving these and other e-construction approaches forward to fight COVID-19 and Keep Virginia Moving!