VDOT issues PTRS guidance

In conjunction with the most recent VDOT/VAA Statewide Traffic Engineering Cooperative Committee meeting, VDOT has shared guidance related to the application of Portable Temporary Rumble Strips (PTRS) on preventive maintenance type treatments. This guidance was initially provided to VDOT personnel that were developing and administering contracts. Through discussions associated with the cooperative committee, it became clear that the guidance should be shared with the contracting industry to ensure everyone would be on the same page from day one of a project or schedule.

In short, the guidance intends to clarify language in the Virginia Work Area Protection manual for slurry seal, latex modified slurry seal, and surface treatment overlay operations and for all related pre-patching activities for those operations. Highlights include:

  • Work operation occurs on a two-lane stationary and non-stationary daytime flagging operation;
  • Work duration in a location is greater than 3 hours but less than three consecutive days (72 consecutive hours); and
  • Existing posted or statutory speed limit is 35 mph or greater and centerline markings (indicates a minimum of 500 vehicles a day) exist.
  • Specific to surface treatment operations, PTRS shall be used in both travel directions on the first day at a location. For multiple day operations at the same location, the PTRS shall be used on the unimproved approach to that day’s operation, but not on the completed surface treatment side of the roadway due to loose gravel. For each successive day at that location, the PTRS shall be used on the unimproved approach.
  • For mobile flagging operations, PTRS are installed at the beginning of the operation as shown in TTC-24 Non-stationary Operation on a Two-Lane Roadway Using Flaggers but are not required to be repositioned.

Please contact David Lee or David Rush if you have any questions or would like to review the full guidance document.