VAA Provides Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Class for Localities

In 2020, VAA began a partnership with the University of Virginia’s Transportation Training Academy to provide basic training classes. UVA TTA is a training entity funded by the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration that is focused on numerous transportation topics for local governments, consultants and contractors. These topics range from work zones to roundabouts to asphalt maintenance. In October, VAA’s David Lee and Trenton Clark provided the first Asphalt Pavement Maintenance course for Arlington County. At the end of June, Clark provided a second class for individuals attending from all parts of the Commonwealth at the Charlottesville Graduate hotel.

The class covers topics for each phase of a pavement’s life. The instructors review pavement design and the importance of considering the subgrade, traffic and expectations. After the design, the production and construction aspects of asphalt pavements are covered. These two modules serve as the foundation for understanding how pavement distresses form and eventually need repair. Common repair techniques are examined, and there is a general discussion on lessons learned by attendees.

To aid comprehension, students participate in two exercises. The first exercise has the students identify the distress, the potential cause(s) of the distress, and how they would repair the failure. The second exercise examines repairs performed on a pavement. How well was the repair performed – was it good or bad, and the reason for their decision. At the end of the class, students receive a certificate and professional development hours.

Watch for the next class announced by VAA, UVA TTA or contact Robin Carpenter directly at UVA TTA to request a class.