VAA Presents Perpetual Pavement Award to VDOT During CTB Meeting

At the June meeting of the Commonwealth Transportation Board, VAA Vice President David Lee, PE, presented the 2021 Perpetual Pavement Award: By Conversion to VDOT’s Lynchburg District Engineer Chris Winstead, PE (Figure 1). The Asphalt Pavement Alliance established the PPA: By Conversion category to recognize those existing pavements that were converted into perpetual pavements.

Figure 2 – Rubblized Concrete.

VDOT’s award-winning project was the conversion of a deteriorated 25-year-old jointed concrete pavement. The original pavement on US 460 (Appomattox By-Pass) had extensive joint failures and poor ride quality. The district staff decided to rubblize the existing concrete (Figure 2) and placed eight inches of asphalt concrete. The first four inches of asphalt was a high-modulus high-binder 25 mm Nominal Maximum Aggregate Size (NMAS) base course (Figure 3) followed by a 2” (19.0 mm) NMAS intermediate/binder layer and surfaced with a 2” (12.5 mm) NMAS mix. As noted by Mr. Winstead when addressing the CTB members while accepting this award, the project was completed a month early and on budget. Clearly, existing concrete and composite pavements can be rehabilitated cost-effectively with asphalt while taking advantage of asphalt’s speed of construction.

Figure 3 – High Modulus High Binder Base Course.

In attendance for the presentation, along with Lee and Winstead, was Mr. Eddie Blount, PE. Mr. Blount was responsible for the development of the project. He is the Director of Administration and Estimating for Boxley Materials, located in Lynchburg. Boxley was the prime contractor for the project; they produced and laid the asphalt. Antigo Construction of Wisconsin performed the rubblization process for Boxley.

To watch the presentation, click here and scroll to the 5:07:30 mark in the meeting.

Congratulations to VDOT’s Lynchburg District and Boxley for winning this award.

Figure 4 – US 460 Appomattox By-Pass.