VAA News App Replaces Asphalt News Newsletter

After 10 years as an email newsletter, Asphalt News is moving exclusively to the VAA News app in March. This follows the trend of many news sites pushing out updates and notifications through their phone application and moving away from weekly or monthly emailed newsletters. By concentrating on the VAA News app and not a monthly newsletter, the association will be able to provide updates in an “as it happens” timeframe. And the VAA app provides access to our membership directory and calendar of events right in the palm of your hand.

The VAA News app is available on the Google Play and iTunes stores. During the month of March, VAA will be holding a contest for those who have downloaded the app. After each push notification, send an email to the VAA office indicating you got the latest news from VAA. At the end of March, one respondent will be randomly selected for a $100 Amazon gift card. So, if you have not done so, download the app today!