VAA Legal Issues webinar

Are you familiar with the Sherman Anti-Trust Act? Have you heard of the False Claims Act? For many people, the terms are familiar, but not the associated meaning. On February 9, VAA will be hosting a Legal Issues Webinar for members focused on the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the False Claims Act.

VAA has lined up two highly respected presenters for this Webinar. Mr. Hugh Fain, Esq. of Spotts-Fain (VAA’s Legal Counsel), will cover the Sherman Anti-Trust Act’s specifics ranging from the responsibilities of company employees to the Do’s and Don’ts of Companies. Following Mr. Fain, Mr. Joe Kasimer, Esq. of Rees-Broome, will review the False Claims Act. This is particularly important since companies and company employees must report information and data for payment on projects.

As a diverse webinar, VAA encourages Attendance by company leadership, management, engineers, project managers, supervisors, and lab and field technicians. The Webinar will have important information for these individuals as well as others.

This is a VAA member’s only Webinar. Register today.