VAA Board of Directors lowers tonnage fees

For the second time in two years, VAA’s Board of Directors lowered the tonnage fees for producer members. Following a long-term plan initiated in 2014 to reduce the tonnage fees and diversify the income sources for VAA, the new tonnage fee for 2021 is $0.05 per ton. This is the lowest fee in over a decade.

In presenting the motion from the Finance Committee to the full board during a meeting on January 22, VAA President Trenton Clark stated, “The decisions made by the board over the last five or more years have put the association in a fiscal position to reduce the tonnage fee for members.” After the vote, VAA Chair David Horton said, “This reduction and other changes may occur due to the Long-Range Planning Committee just started by the Association. While COVID-19 has presented challenges to the membership and Association, the industry is well-positioned moving forward.”

Following the vote on January 29, VAA producer members received a letter from Chairman Horton regarding tonnage dues reduction. He and the board hope this action helps companies weather the COVID-19 impacts and entices non-member producers supplying mix to Virginia projects to join the Association. While members represent over 70% of the mix used in Virginia, the goal is to approach 100%.