VAA board approves guardrail membership

In December 2018, VDOT and VAA established the Paving Leadership Group (PLG). This group discusses and decides on various issues related to paving and materials. At the April PLG meeting, the concept of a Statewide Traffic Engineering Co-Op committee was proposed. Sister to the existing Statewide Asphalt Co-Op committee, the Traffic Engineering Co-Op will handle various issues such as pavement markings, Virginia Work Area Protection Manual, and guardrails.

Several years ago, VAA established an Associate Contractor member category for Pavement Marking companies. Since then, VAA has facilitated meetings between its pavement marking members and VDOT to discuss issues and solutions to pavement marking challenges. Now, VAA’s Board of Directors has approved opening membership to companies that perform guardrail installation and maintenance. Guardrail companies wishing to join VAA will be Associate Contractors in the Specialty Contractor category. Additionally, these companies will be asked to participate in meetings and discussions related to guardrail issues.

To learn more about VAA and obtain a membership application, please visit our website.