VAA and VDOT promote industry employment opportunities

For many years, the paving industry has faced workforce shortages. Hundreds of well-paying jobs have gone unfilled every year due to the low local and national unemployment rates. With the spread of COVID-19 and the increasing numbers of people losing jobs, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Virginia Asphalt Association (VAA) began an effort to advertise jobs available in the construction industry. Starting as a request from the Governor’s office to put people back to work in an essential industry, VDOT reached out to VAA for assistance in collecting and disseminating job openings found in Virginia. VAA member companies responded immediately, sending their first list of employment needs by March 24. The initial list of open positions totaled nearly 200. By April 6, more companies and positions were added. Jobs ranged from unskilled laborers and lab technicians to truck drivers. To see a complete list of the job openings in Virginia and surrounding states, visit VAA’s website.