VAA and VDOT Materials Division issue COVID-19 guidance

While it can be said that we should always be working towards a common goal, during these unprecedented times, it is even more critical. Fortunately, we have a partner in VDOT that is willing to work with the industry to accomplish the overall goals of the program while still recognizing the needs of the workforce. To assist with the necessary processes for day-to-day operations at asphalt plants, VAA, in cooperation with VDOT, developed two guidance documents. The first is associated with protecting our workers though proper social distancing at the plant while they are engaged in sample collection and monitoring efforts. The second document outlines VDOT’s willingness to work with each producer should material shortages occur due to resource issues associated with COVID-19.

These documents by no means provide detailed guidance for each specific site/plant location. Still, they do provide a framework for each producer and VDOT District to establish a site-specific protocol for each facility. Keys to these efforts include developing a communication process between the producer’s QC Technician and the VDOT Technician as well as basic steps to ensure proper distancing during material sampling and testing.

With this level of cooperation, proper social distancing, and sanitation, we can show that the industry is capable of continuing operations in a safe manner. If you would like a copy of these documents, contact David Lee at