VAA and Headlight Team to Deliver Spotlight to Association Members

On September 28, VAA and HeadLight signed an agreement to develop and deploy a Virginia version of their Spotlight platform for the exclusive use of VAA members. Spotlight is a smart forms platform that’s a new addition to HeadLight’s core functions of capturing data, pictures and videos for project documentation. Smart forms will provide a way to record asphalt density data digitally.

Capitalizing on previous efforts to develop digital forms based on the Virginia Department of Transportation’s density testing and reporting requirements, HeadLight will complete the remaining density forms along with a tack coat application form. The project timeline will have the HeadLight team training contractors on the Spotlight application in March 2022.

According to Ed Dalrymple Jr., president of VAA member Chemung Contracting, “We look forward to licensing and using HeadLight in the 2022 paving season. Spotlight will save our density technician time in completing and submitting the forms required by VDOT. The technology will perform the calculations needed to determine the final payment based on field density. As time goes on, we will be able to optimize our compaction operations to not only receive full payment but receive a density bonus. Using the pictures and spatial referencing capabilities will help us track long-term mix and pavement performance.”

David Horton, VAA chairman and district manager for Virginia Paving Company, added, “We have to embrace e-construction and how it can be used to benefit the transportation industry. Knowledge is power; having the density information combined with asphalt mix properties and paving train set-up will improve overall quality.”

To learn more about the program, Will Jourdan of HeadLight will be presenting the Spotlight capabilities at MAAE in December. In addition, VAA members are encouraged to contact the office to learn more about Spotlight and licensing the application for the 2022 paving season.