VAA and GCC Hold In-Person Hybrid VECAT Classes

After nearly an 18-month absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Virginia Education Center for Asphalt Technology hosted two in-person MCS credentialing classes! First, VECAT held the Asphalt Field Level I class on September 28 for twelve students from around Virginia. Students came from all sectors – paving contractors, Virginia Department of Transportation, consultants and local agencies. The hybrid class focused on self-study learning before the class using GCC’s online learning management system, Canvas. During the in-person portion of the class, VECAT instructors David Lee, Mike Dudley and Trenton Clark covered the Field Level I class’s core aspects before the students took the VDOT credentialing exam.

Like Asphalt Field Level I, the Field Level II class was held in a hybrid format on September 29. Students in class were walked through the core materials related to the asphalt inspector and density technician roles. Along with specifications, instructors reviewed the asphalt density testing forms, common paving math and tack coat applications. Once completed, students took the VDOT credentialing exam required by specification.

VECAT will develop final course outlines for 2022 and the class schedules using the lessons learned from these classes. Later in 2022, VECAT will be releasing the final schedules for all ten asphalt related classes. Once available, DO NOT WAIT to sign up for the online and hybrid courses.