VAA 2020-2021 Board & Executive Committee elected in virtual annual meeting

So, what changes have you had to make due to COVID-19? Are you working from home more often? Do you find yourself eating out less? Have you become proficient with virtual or remote meeting software? I suspect you have a long list of “new” activities. You have figured out the right place to work in your house and how many steps it takes to reach the coffee pot and refrigerator. Zoom or Go-To-Meeting are new parts of your vernacular.

(Just to be clear and transparent, I sit in my basement at my Great Grandfather’s oak rolltop desk he used over 100 years ago. I bought a coffee pot around Christmas to put in the basement kitchenette, and I have deer jerky and pepper sticks in the refrigerator 12 steps away.)

As most are aware, we had to cancel VPRIS 2020 due to Governor Northam’s Executive Orders. Likewise, the VAA 69th Annual Meeting had to be postponed from April to June and then cancelled (see related article). While the Annual Meeting had to be cancelled, the need to carry out the business of the Association could not be put on hold. Therefore, with the assistance of VAA’s legal counsel Spotts-Fain, adjustments to the By-Laws were made and unanimously approved by the VAA Board of Directors to allow for virtual and remote communications meetings.

The first virtual and remote communications meeting was the Annual Meeting of the Members on May 1. The meeting had over 50 attendees. The meeting included the approval of the 2019 Annual Meeting minutes, comments by out-going Chair Scott Claud—Colony Construction—and the election of the 2020-2021 Board of Directors. The Directors elected to a new 3-year term were: Scott Claud, Colony Construction; David Horton, Virginia Paving Company; Chris Blevins, W-L Construction & Paving; Ed Dalrymple, Jr, Chemung Contracting; David Helmick, Superior Paving Corporation; C.R. Langhorne III, Lee Hy Paving; and Brent Moore, A&A Contractors. Welcome to a new three-year term!

Immediately following the Annual Meeting, the newly elected Directors joined the existing Directors for the first-ever virtual Board of Directors meeting. Again, By-Law changes by the previous Board allowed for the virtual meeting to be conducted. The primary purpose of the meeting was to elect the 2020-2021 Executive Committee. The Board elected David Horton—Virginia Paving Corporation, as the new Chairman of the Board. Chris Blevins, W-L Construction and Paving was elected as the Vice-Chairman; David White, Superior Paving Corporation assumed the role of Board Secretary. New to the Executive Committee was Bobby Hedrick—Branscome, Inc. as Treasurer. With his term ended, Scott Claud was elected as 1st Ex-Officio and Ed Dalrymple as 2nd Ex-Officio. David Helmick completed his six years on the Executive Committee and returned to his role as a Director. At the conclusion of the meeting, David Horton gave thanks to Scott for his term as Chairman and all of the Association’s accomplishments during the 2020-2021 year.

While the virtual and remote meetings allowed VAA to conduct the necessary business actions, members and staff are anxious to see colleagues at a future meeting. Watch our website for future opportunities.