Two VDOT safety initiatives coming to asphalt paving

For the 2020 Plant Mix Schedules and Construction contracts, VDOT will be incorporating the use of Plastic Inlaid Markers (PIMs) and Pavement Shoulder Wedge, also known as the Safety Edge. Both initiatives are an effort to improve safety on Virginia’s highway network. Special Provisions for PIMs and Pavement Shoulder Wedge are available through VDOT’s Construction Division as well as Instructional and Informational Memorandums.

PIMs will be replacing the current steel snow-plowable raised pavement markers (SRPMs) installed on many projects. Unlike SRPMs, PIMs will be installed in either 54-inch, or 84-inch grooves cut into new asphalt surfaces. The top of the PIM will be flush with the new surface elevation. The length of the grooves will aid in visibility at night and during inclement weather.

Pavement Shoulder Wedge or Safety Edge will be installed on designated projects around Virginia. Research done by FHWA and other DOT’s have shown a decrease in fatalities where the wedge is installed. To learn more about the wedge, contact Mark Cole of VDOT’s Traffic Engineering Division.