Thin is in: Free Thinlay™ webinar

Over the last decade, more and more transportation agencies, including FHWA, have promoted the benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Pavements. One maintenance treatment gaining national momentum is Thin Asphalt Overlays or Thinlay™. Thinlay™ is generally 1 inch or less in thickness. In Virginia, these are generally identified as an SM-4.75 or SM-9.0. They are installed on pavements in good condition where excessive corrective maintenance (i.e., patching) is not required.

Thinlay™ has numerous benefits such as improved structural life and improved pavement smoothness that increases the service life of a pavement. Along with the use of Thinlay™ as a preventive maintenance treatment, it can be used as a final surface on many roadway and parking lot construction projects.

To learn more about Thinlay™, join the Asphalt Pavement Alliance Webinar on September 26 at 2pm. Click on this link to register. The webinar is free to attend.