The journey towards balanced mix design

Our journey towards Balanced Mix Design continues with a significant effort to flush out the repeatability and idiosyncrasies of the Ideal-CT. As some of you are aware, the Ideal-CT is the performance test that VDOT, Academia, and Industry is gravitating towards to measure the cracking potential of a mix. There are several devices available to perform this test. From a relatively inexpensive simple jig that works with your existing load frame to more elaborate standalone devices.

Now in the early stages of this journey, we are attempting to evaluate the repeatability of this test (equipment, personnel, etc.) through a joint round robin with VAA and VTRC. This effort will involve producing individual duplicate specimens via an outside vendor. These specimens will then be sent to all participating labs. Each lab will measure the void content and complete the Ideal-CT on each specimen. Currently, we have 19 asphalt producers (23 total laboratories) anxious to participate in the round robin and expect that number to continue growing.

If you are interested in participating in the round robin, please contact Mike Dudley at (804) 288-3169 or