The Branch is Growing—Women of Asphalt Virginia Exceeds 110 Members

Pop the champagne! The WofA Virginia branch has marched into the new year as the Women of Asphalt organization’s leading state branch for membership. Out of the twelve state branches, WofA Virginia currently has the most members signed up, and they are thrilled and ready to continue growing in 2022. During the Mid-Atlantic Asphalt Expo & Conference at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in December, WofA VA obtained more than 40 new members, pushing them to a membership total of 113. The WofA VA booth was a hot booth on the tradeshow floor—being that it was decked out in hot pink and frequently visited. The ladies working the booth had a great time and always engaged with the attendees. They were also handing out some awesome T-shirts (sponsored by Colony Construction, Inc.) illustrated with the WofA slogan “Lead and Inspire” to current and new members who registered. The branch also had the opportunity to host a lovely luncheon within the exhibit hall sponsored by Associated Asphalt, where women could gather and network with each other. At the end of the conference, a WofA VA giveaway prize that included various WofA VA items (including a pink hard hat) was awarded to Ebbie Attar of VDOT. MAAE 2021 was very helpful in boosting WofA VA’s presence and membership. The branch is looking forward to hosting more events throughout 2022 and returning to MAAE in December. Although it is not a competition to have the most members, WofA VA is honored to be the leading state and plans to exceed goals and represent Virginia to its fullest. Please go like the Women of Asphalt Virginia Facebook page to stay updated on Women of Asphalt news and information. Also, if you have not had the chance, check out the article published in VAA’s current magazine about Women of Asphalt and the Virginia branch.