The 2021 Asphalt Webinars are in the bag!

The 2021 Asphalt Webinars are complete! The last webinar was held on March 31, and, judging by the survey feedback, it was well received. Each webinar opened with a discussion by Kevin Gregg, Chief of Maintenance and Operations (March 10), or Bart Thrasher, Chief Engineer (March 31), providing their insight into the overall pavement program focusing on shared pavement goals.

The webinars covered distinct topics from traffic engineering, construction, and materials. Due to the implementation of many new initiatives, the morning session was dedicated to traffic engineering. Topics covered everything from plastic inlaid markers to portable temporary rubble strips. Many questions were fielded about these and other related issues, including the most recent paint shortage. Lunchtime was highlighted by a Transportation Trivia event hosted by our very own Trenton Clark. This fun event provided a nice break for many participants.

The afternoon focused on construction and materials updates. Topics from Balanced Mix Design, Safety Edge, and plant mix schedule updates were covered, with a number of questions being fielded by the panelists. We owe a big thanks to our presenters/panelists for taking time out of their busy schedules to assist with these webinars! Plans are already beginning for 2022. Both VDOT and VAA hope to hold these events in person, but we also recognize the benefits of a virtual/hybrid approach. As we begin preparations for next year, we need your thoughts and comments. So, send your comments in now before you forget and move on to other events and issues. Constructive criticism is encouraged! Comments can be submitted to David Lee or Rob Crandol.