Talking Pavement Webcast focuses on driveways

At least once a week, VAA staff receive a call or email regarding residential driveways or streets. These inquiries range in topics from basic construction to local contractors to surface sealing. While some seem like simple questions, the answers can be much more complex than expected. For VAA staff to properly reply, they often have several telephone conversations, email exchanges, and a site visit.

Recognizing the need to assist the public with driveway and residential street pavement questions, VAA launched the Talking Pavements Webcast. The May 13 event focused on driveways and residential streets. VAA President Trenton Clark and Vice President David Lee covered the most common questions posed by homeowners and homeowner associations. According to Clark, “One of the founding purposes of VAA was providing education to the public. We felt initiating the Talking Pavements Webcast satisfied this purpose and met a need. Whether it is driveways, porous asphalt pavements, or sustainability, we hope this information is helpful to anyone who attends the Webcast or watches the recording on YouTube at a later date.”

Episodes of Talking Pavements and other VAA resources can be found on the association’s YouTube channel.