Superior Paving Corp wins Golden Lute Award

The 2020 Winner of the VAA Golden Lute Award went to Superior Paving Corp. for their Scott’s Run South Infrastructure Improvements Phase 1 and 2 in McLean. This complicated project in Northern Virginia included changing pavement grades, adding travel lanes, new bike lanes, and numerous utility adjustments. The project’s heavy traffic and complicated nature required a detailed safety plan for the workers and traveling public—both pedestrian and driver. Much of the paving was done during 9:30 am and 3:00 pm to avoid the morning and evening rush hours.

As a major reconstruction/construction project, Superior Paving had to use base, intermediate, and surface asphalt mixes. While most of the work was completed before Thanksgiving 2019, the surface mix had to be placed in December. Battling traffic on I-66 and I-495 and cold temperatures, Superior’s efforts lead to a smooth, uniform surface—even with the excessive amount of handwork. Scott Shorb of Superior Paving said winning the 2020 Golden Lute Award was a tribute to the plant, trucking, field, and quality control crews’ close coordination and efforts.