Salem District Engineer Ken King Presented with Perpetual Pavement Award

After more than 15 years, Virginia celebrated a Perpetual Pavement Award given by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance. APA recognized a section of I-81 southbound in the Salem District. While initially reported in the June Asphalt News e-newsletter and noted by VAA President Trenton Clark at the June Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting, the Perpetual Pavement Award Obelisk presentation was made at the Discussion with the Department meeting on October 13. Clark & VAA Chairman David Horton presented the award to Salem District Engineer Ken King. King pointed to the tip of the obelisk and stated, “I had that much to do with winning this award. This award belongs to all of those who built and maintained that section of I-81. It is a testament to the partnership between VDOT and the asphalt industry.” Clark followed up that neither he nor King was born when that section was built in the mid-1960s.

A more detailed article on the perpetual pavement award will appear in the next Virginia Asphalt magazine. Likewise, a presentation on the I-81 section will be part of the MAAE 2021 general session.

Clark challenged those in attendance to identify the next Perpetual Pavement Award winner. APA has added new Perpetual Pavement by Design and Perpetual Pavement by Conversion categories to compliment the Long-Life Perpetual Pavement Award category. Clark would like to see each VDOT district have multiple obelisks in each category in the coming years. For now, this obelisk will reside in the Central Office until it makes its journey to Salem. Congratulations to VDOT on winning this award.