Recognizing the best of 2018: Asphalt Paving Awards

Seven project awards—two VDOT and five Virginia’s Best, were presented during the general session of the Mid-Atlantic Asphalt Expo & Conference (MAAE). All seven projects were completed during the 2018 paving season, and they ranged from porous asphalt on a walking trail to ramp construction and resurfacing on an interstate. Annually, VDOT awards the top construction paving and maintenance paving projects. Construction paving includes new alignments, widening, and major rehabilitation. Maintenance paving focuses on resurfacing and mill/fill projects.

VDOT State Materials Engineer Andy Babish recognized W-L Construction and Paving as the top Construction Paving project for 2018. This project included the addition of a ramp lane from I-77 northbound to I-81 southbound as well as the resurfacing of three lanes on southbound I-81. Babish then announced Superior Paving Corporation’s resurfacing of SR 28 southbound as the Maintenance Paving winner. Faced with night-time paving operations to mill and resurface with SMA, Superior provided an excellent, smooth-riding surface.

To accompany the VDOT awards, VAA 2019 President Scott Claud and Director of Technical & Member Services, Mike Dudley, gave out five Virginia’s Best awards. In the category of Virginia’s Best Green, Boxley Asphalt was recognized for its porous pavement project on Garnand Branch Walking Trail in the City of Roanoke. This was a full porous pavement with a stone aggregate reservoir wrapped in geotextile fabric and surfacing with PAM-19.0. Virginia’s Best Municipal winner went to Virginia Paving Company for the resurfacing of Virginia Beach Boulevard. This very large project covered six to eight travel lanes, and numerous intersections. New for 2018 was Virginia’s Best Airfield award, an award specific to paving at airfields. W-L Construction and Paving won for their work at Mountain Empire Airport.

Along with the company’s work on Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Paving Company won Virginia’s Best Commercial award for Commonwealth Centre. With Wegman’s as the anchor store, Virginia Paving Company had complex paving around numerous islands, in-pavement structures, and customer traffic. The last award presented by VAA was Virginia’s Best Roadway. This category focuses on non-VDOT and non-municipal projects. S.L Williamson Co., Inc. won for their work on Skyline Drive. Not only was the southern portion of the drive resurfaced, but several overlooks were milled and filled against existing rock walls and rock curbing.

Congratulations to all of the winners! To learn more about these projects and see additional photos, visit the VAA website were they will be posted in the next couple of weeks.