Plan your BMD pilot project

Virginia is at the tip of the spear for Balanced Mix Design (BMD). 2019 saw the development of initial specifications based on work completed in late 2018. Last year, two of Virginia’s leading contractors voluntarily conducted BMD field pilot projects with VDOT and VTRC. Additionally, many contractors participated in a BMD Workshop hosted by VAA and provided by NCAT. Since the end of 2019, contractors have been testing their “conventionally designed mixes” to see where they fall on the performance criteria scale.

As the paving season for 2020 ramps up, VAA encourages contractors to partner with their local VDOT Material Section and VTRC to perform one or more BMD pilot projects. In general, the pilot projects consist of producing a conventionally designed SUPERPAVE™ mix (SM-9.5, or SM-12.5) and one or more BMD mixes. Examples of BMD mixes are:

  • Higher RAP percentages utilizing softer virgin binders, higher virgin binder contents or binder/mix modifiers and additives (i.e., rubber, rejuvenators, fibers, etc.)
  • Non-High RAP mixes using the same approaches as Higher RAP mixes, and
  • AC mixes with non-standard/specified gradations

If you need assistance pursuing a BMD Pilot Project, contact David Lee at Take advantage of learning more about BMD with minimal risk and plenty of external support.