Paving leadership group holds April meeting

As announced in the October Asphalt News e-newsletter (“VDOT, Industry Sit-Down and Talk Paving”), the newly formed Paving Leadership Group (PLG) held a meeting on April 17th. Comprised of four industry and four VDOT members, the PLG discussed a variety of issues ranging from potential specification changes for 2020 paving maintenance schedules to the formation of a new Statewide Traffic Engineering Co-Op committee. The PLG referred several items regarding mixes and field density testing to the Statewide Asphalt Co-Op for further discussion and recommendation. The group agreed a Statewide Traffic Engineering Co-Op would be beneficial to review and discuss items regarding pavement markings, work zones, traffic control set-ups and other topics about traffic engineering items. Future Asphalt News issues will cover PLG decisions and impacts on paving projects.