Pavement Recycling Specs: Change based on experience

To change without knowledge or experience can be foolish. While VDOT has been a national leader in pavement recycling in recent years, only now has enough data and experience been collected and analyzed to make defensible specification changes.

The effort to adjust specifications started with the I-64 Segment II debrief meeting held earlier this year. VDOT, Allan Myers (Segment II contractor), project consultants, and VAA discussed each aspect of the project and how the specs were applied and could be improved. Since that meeting, VDOT has been analyzing data and presented proposed changes to VAA in September.

Through a series of meetings with VDOT’s Materials Division, revisions to the Recycling Specifications for Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), Cold In-place Recycling (CIR), and Cold Central Plant Recycled Material (CCPRM) are nearly complete. Examples of changes and additions to the specification include the insertion of MCS credentialing requirements on both the production and placement side, changes to the target Indirect Tensile Strength (ITS) requirements both during design and production (and the associated price adjustment requirements) and adjustments to the density testing protocol.

Final draft versions of these specifications should be completed by the end of October. These changes will be incorporated in the Cold Asphalt Recycling – Plant, Cold Asphalt Recycling – Field, and Full-Depth Reclamation materials certification classes that will be offered through VECAT in 2020. Thanks to all of the members that provided valuable feedback during this process.