Online Mix Design class now available

The online mix design class is available for registration and is open to first time and repeat certifications.

IMPORTANT: The Mix Design certification requires the completion of the class modules, final exam, and proficiency testing. All three components must be completed in full before the end of the year to receive certification. It is highly recommended that any student wishing to become certified complete their online class and exam no later than November 1 to allow ample time for the scheduling and completion of proficiency testing. Proficiency testing usually becomes challenging to schedule as the year ends because many students have not completed this component and are trying to squeeze in before the deadline. There is a small handful of instructors overseeing this testing and limited lab space available. It is the responsibility of the student to contact Germanna to schedule his or her proficiency testing and complete it before December 15 when Germanna closes for the holiday. Failure to complete this step will not be Germanna’s responsibility. Should this scenario happen to a student, he or she will have to wait until the following year to start the process over. If you have questions about the class or proficiency testing contact Judith Calver at or Dave Laraway at