Office hours concluded in April

Recognizing the inability to hold in-person VECAT classes in the Winter and Spring of 2021 due to COVID restrictions, VAA and GCC staff worked together to launch the “Office Hours” concept. According to VAA’s Director Mike Dudley, who oversees the VECAT program, “The office hours were a way for us to connect with students. While many people may already hold an MCS credential, others have never attended a class and heard this information. We felt office hours would be a service we could provide to aid students with questions.”

April 27 marked the end of the VECAT Office Hours program. Held once a month starting in January, VAA and GCC staff manned the “Zoom Phone Lines” to answer student questions. While many of the questions posed by students were administrative, some students took advantage of this time to ask technical questions related to the credentialing classes. In the future, administrative questions can be sent to Judith Calvert at GCC, and technical questions should be directed to Mike Dudley at VAA.