New VDOT/VAA Traffic Engineering Cooperative Committee

On Thursday, December 5, VDOT and VAA jointly kicked off the inaugural meeting of the VDOT/VAA Traffic Engineering Cooperative Committee. This committee is a spinoff of the VDOT/VAA Statewide Asphalt Cooperative Committee. Over the past few years, traffic engineering items became a larger part of the statewide asphalt meeting agenda. Therefore, it was decided by the Paving Leadership Group that traffic engineering issues needed a separate forum and more targeted membership.

The meeting, Co-Chaired by Raymond Khoury, P.E. (VDOT – State Traffic Engineer) and David Lee, P.E. (VAA – Vice President of Engineering), was held at VDOT’s Maintenance Training Academy – Thornburg. Both VDOT staff and VAA membership were well represented at the first co-op meeting. During the three-hour meeting, various topics were discussed, including:

  1. Work zone crash and near-crash events and the related statistics,
  2. An overview of the good and the bad from the 2019 paving season, and
  3. Pavement Marking and Markers, such as the newly implemented Pavement Inlaid Markers (PIMS).

The last item (PIMS) absorbed the bulk of the meeting, with many questions raised related to the application of the markers in thinlay surfaces (i.e., THAMCO, slurry seal, and latex-modified slurry seal) and specific construction sequencing issues. One significant area of concern relates to the continued variability of both application and interpretation of specifications. Moving forward, this will be an important cooperative committee for both the VAA and VDOT.

The next Traffic Engineering co-op meeting will be held in April or May 2020.