New health insurance plan available for VAA members

VAA has been working for over two years to provide a unique health consortium program for members. Through our relationship with the Virginia Society of Association Executives (VSAE) and our partners, Monty Dise, President of Asset Protection Group, Inc (AP Group) and Lee Biedrycki, President of BeneFinder, we are proud to announce that the VAA Health Consortium is now a reality. This plan has many benefits and is designed to be employer centric; that’s why it is called the Employer Directed Health Plan. By design and by virtue of the partners selected, this plan provides complete transparency, control over claims, data, reporting, and competitive premiums. Furthermore, this plan provides the ability for employers to retain up 100% of the unused claim cost dollars. If you’re interested in learning more about this plan, please click the survey link and answer the nine questions.

With the insurance enrollment period for most companies starting on January 1, do not waste any time learning more about the program.