Need CEC’s for your license? VECAT offers classes online

Do you have a professional license in a technical field? Does the licensing agency require continuing education credits? Do you find yourself short on the number of credits needed to renew your license? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then take one or more Virginia Education Center for Asphalt Technology (VECAT) online classes. VECAT, a partnership between Germanna Community College (GCC) and Virginia Asphalt Association for Educational Services (VAAES), offers six online courses on various asphalt technologies.

Would you like to learn more about asphalt paving, take the basics class – “Basics of Asphalt Paving” or an advanced class – “Asphalt Paving Inspection and Acceptance.” Each of these classes provides 4-credits.

Have you ever wondered how an asphalt plant works or how the tests are performed in the lab? VECAT offers two plant related classes. “Basics of Asphalt Production” is a 3.5-credit class that walks the individual through the process from aggregate production and plant operations to asphalt sampling. Once sampled, a series of tests are performed on the mixture. “Asphalt Mixture Testing and Acceptance” (3 credits) covers the steps to determining if an asphalt mix meets specifications or not.

One tool that extends the service life of a pavement is preventative maintenance. In Virginia and many other states, pavement owners turn to surface seals and treatments as standard maintenance measures. When done at the right time, these measures extend the pavement service life. VECAT offers “Basics of Slurry Surfacing” (4-credits) and “Basics of Surface Treatment” (2-credits) to educate owners, specifiers, inspectors and installers on these methods.

All VECAT CEC’s are offered in an easy to use online learning management system. Participants watch video instruction and perform knowledge checks at the end of each session. An online exam is provided at the end of the class, and successful completion results in credits toward licensure. To learn more about the classes and sign up, visit this link on the VAA website.