NAPA workforce development market research

It is imperative that the asphalt pavement industry attract the next generation of workers in this shifting economy. Over the past year, NAPA conducted three phases of market research through the Workforce Development (WFD) Communications Task Group. The research phases included an initial survey (approximately 1,000 people), 10 focus groups (five with the general public and five with educators), and a large-scale national survey (approximately 4,000 people). Through the focus groups, we identified the educator audience as the most willing to listen to the industry. However, this group needed a fair amount of education about the industry as well in order to knowledgeably talk to students and parents. One key finding was that if the industry uses educators as advocates, we must make it easy for them to learn about road construction. The full research findings, along with some recommendations, are provided in a new special report available here.