NAPA annual recycle & warm mix survey results

Reprint from NAPA website:

During the 2018 construction season, on average, new asphalt pavements contained 21.1 percent RAP, according to the latest version of NAPA’s annual survey of the industry and its use of recycled materials and warm-mix asphalt (WMA). In total, more than 101 million tons of RAP were reclaimed, saving 61.4 million cubic yards of landfill space. Of this, more than 82 million tons were put back to use in 389.3 million tons of new asphalt pavement mixture. Last year also saw an increase in the use of RAS, with more than a million tons of recycled asphalt shingles being used, which is an increase from 2016 and 2017. The use of RAP and RAS resulted in cost savings of more than $2.9 billion compared to the use of virgin materials.

The use of WMA technologies slightly increased to 157.4 million tons, more than half of which was produced at reduced temperatures. The most commonly used WMA technology was, once again, plant-based foaming. NAPA thanks the 272 companies and 1,329 plants that provided data for the 2018 survey, which was conducted with the support of the Federal Highway Administration. The 2019 construction season survey will begin seeking data in 2020.