Major revisions coming: VDOT road & bridge specifications – sections 200 & 300

VDOT and VAA have embarked on the arduous process of updating and clarifying the relevant Section 200 and 300 Road and Bridge Specifications. This process began in late 2019 and has involved several iterations to simplify and clarify these specifications. Based on comments received from multiple sources, these sections have been revised and restructured. Some of the most significant changes are the inclusion of the Density Determination Special Provision into Section 315 and the creation of new specification sections for some of the other relevant special provisions. The proposed Supplemental Sections are 210, 211, 315, 319, 320, 321, 322, and 323. To date, these sections have been put through the standard VDOT internal review process, have been formatted into proper Supplemental Sections, and are now out for industry review and comment.

Please take this opportunity to critique each of these revisions. Now is the time to get these specifications right! VAA sent these out for review to membership on Monday, June 1, with a June 19 deadline for comment. If you have not received these specifications and would like the opportunity to comment, please email David Lee ( directly.