Live and online classes are underway

VECAT is on the air and in the classroom! For 2020, VECAT will be offering ten asphalt-related materials certifications. All classes will be available on-line through Germanna Community College as well as hosted in live classroom settings. The first set of live classes in January will be hosted at one of two GCC locations. Unfortunately, Asphalt Field Level I and II classes for January are full, but space remains for the February and March Classes. Asphalt Plant Level I and II classes will be hosted at FredCAT in Fredericksburg from January 28-30. Limited space for these classes is available. Visit the GCC website to register or click on this link.

If you prefer to take VECAT classes from the comforts of your office or couch at home, then utilize the on-line classes. Except for the class exam and proficiency exam (if required), these classes can be completed at your own pace. As with the live classes, registration is completed by visiting the GCC website.

Finally, do you have a desire to have VECAT come to you? If so, VECAT offers two additional approaches for taking many of the classes. First, VECAT can send you the class information, and you can lead the class in your office or conference room. When your employees complete the classwork, register for the applicable class and take the exam. Or a second option allows VECAT instructors to visit your company and host the class. Once the class has completed, employees can sign up for the class and take the exam. To learn more about these options, contact Judith Calvert at