Liberty University Visits Boxley Lynchburg Asphalt Plant

­­Liberty University’s Civil Engineering Program is off and running. Dr. Songsu Son and the first graduating class of civil engineers toured Boxley’s Lynchburg Asphalt Plant and laboratory last week. The new program started in fall 2020 and currently has 50 residential and 341 online students. Beginning in June 2023, all online civil engineers will take a two-week intensive course during the summer, and 15 residential students will take the full asphalt lab in Fall 2023. Students will learn the fundamentals of asphalt binder, asphalt mix design and performance testing of asphalt pavements. Dr. Son described the facility as a “hands-on” asphalt lab where students will learn about compaction, volumetrics, moisture susceptibility, rutting and fracture tests. He is excited to have students utilize various recycled materials and compare performance results. We wish a hearty “welcome and congratulations” to Dr. Son and his students on a great start.