Liberty University Hosts VAA and Boxley

Did you know Liberty University in Lynchburg, one of the largest universities in the world with more than 100,000 students, has a civil engineering program? At a school that size, maybe. But the civil and mechanical engineering programs are relatively new.

On August 22, Songsu Son, Ph.D., invited Boxley Materials and Virginia Asphalt Association (VAA) employees to tour the new asphalt labs adjacent to the Liberty campus. Ken Arthur and Andre Royal from Boxley were joined by David Lee, Mike Dudley and Trenton Clark from VAA. Son displayed the standard lab equipment for developing and testing asphalt mixes. His lab has state-of-the-art asphalt mix and asphalt binder performance testing equipment such as an AMPT, Hamburg Wheel Tracker and Bending Beam Rheometer.

Liberty has over 60 resident students in civil engineering and nearly 400 students online. Whether resident or online, students will be required to spend time in the asphalt labs learning about mix design and testing.

Before the lab visit, Boxley and VAA met with Dean of Engineering Mark Horstemeyer, Ph.D., and Chair of Civil and Mechanical Engineering “Howie” Fang, Ph.D. During their meeting, Horstemeyer and Fang laid out their vision of the Liberty University engineering program and how they want to collaborate with industry.

VAA looks forward to working with Son and his pavement and materials programs at Liberty University.