Lee Hy, Superior, and Boxley Labs receive VAAES Lab Review Certificates

Congratulations Superior Paving Corporation’s Culpeper Laboratory, Lee Hy Paving Corporation’s Rockville Laboratory, and Boxley Asphalt’s Lynchburg Laboratory for receiving the first VAAES Lab Review certificates. All three laboratories passed a thorough review by VAA staff. Each in-depth review covers equipment and testing procedures to ensure compliance with VDOT, AASHTO, and ASTM specifications and test methods. Great job by the quality control staff at each facility!

Jonathan Fogle, Superior Paving Corp.

These Lab reviews are just one of the many value-added services VAA provides to members and non-members of the association. Part of our mission is “to promote quality of asphalt pavements in Virginia.” This is one way we strive to do just that.

So far, we have had member, non-member, and aggregate producers sign up. Register online or contact Mike Dudley for more details.

Andre Royal, Boxley Materials