June Talking Pavements Webcast focused on the environment

As the saying goes, “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet!” This saying applies to asphalt pavements just like it does for so many other things. Whether through misunderstanding or misadventure, much of the bad publicity asphalt receives is false. A quick search will result in much misinformation regarding the impacts of asphalt on people and the environment.

Recognizing the need to assist the public with accurate information regarding asphalt and pavements, VAA launched the Talking Pavements Webcast in May. The first Webcast dealt with typical driveway and residential street questions. The June 10 event focused on the green attributes of asphalt. VAA President Trenton Clark and Vice President David Lee covered the most commonly held misconceptions about asphalt and the environment. They also discussed different ways the asphalt industry minimizes environmental impacts and benefits the environment. According to Clark, “The asphalt industry has a great story to tell. Not only does the industry employ thousands of people in Virginia by maintaining roads that move people and goods, but the innovations continue to reduce the carbon footprint.” Lee added, “Recycled asphalt pavements are the most recycled material in the world; not everyone knows that. Recycling reduces the need for virgin aggregates and asphalt binder.”

One of the founding purposes of VAA was providing education to the public. The Talking Pavements Webcast satisfies this purpose and meets a need. Whether it is driveways, porous asphalt pavements, or sustainability, VAA hopes this information is helpful to anyone who attends the Webcast or watches the recording on YouTube at a later date. VAA will not host a July webcast but join VAA on August 12 to learn the basics of asphalt mix design. VAA Director Mike Dudley will explain how an asphalt recipe is like a cake recipe with some of the same kitchen tools and appliances.

Episodes of Talking Pavements and other VAA resources can be found on the association’s YouTube channel.