In-Person VECAT Classes Planned for Fall 2021

After nearly an 18-month absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Virginia Education Center for Asphalt Technology will be hosting hybrid MCS credentialing classes in person! During the week of September 27, VECAT will be holding four asphalt-related field classes – Surface Treatment, Slurry Surfacing, Asphalt Field Level I and Asphalt Field Level II. All classes will be provided at Germanna Community College’s Daniel Technical Center in Culpeper.

Due to the pandemic, new approaches to instructing have been explored. While VECAT has utilized an online and in-person approach since 2017, other approaches have evolved. One approach has been the use of a hybrid format. This format allows for information to be disseminated through online learning management systems (i.e., Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) and supplemented with in-person instruction. The hybrid format will be piloted with the Fall 2021 classes, and lessons learned will be implemented with the 2022 classes.

Tuesday, 9/28/21 – Asphalt Field Level I
Wednesday, 9/29/21 – Asphalt Field Level II
Thursday, 9/30/21 – Slurry Surfacing
Friday, 10/1/21 – Surface Treatment

How will these classes look? In the classroom, they will be fast-paced, targeting core knowledge areas. Therefore, students will be strongly encouraged to review the online videos and prepare any questions on the topic before in-person instruction. It is important to remember that all students have access to the course materials once registered for a class. Once in the classroom, each course will be completed in one day or less. Students will take a benchmarking assessment to evaluate their knowledge of the MCS subject to start the class. Upon completion of the assessment, instructors from VAA and industry partners will cover the core content. Most presentations will be provided live with minimal video-based instruction. At the end of each day, students will take their exams and obtain their credentials.

To register for the Fall 2021 classes, visit the GCC Website or the VAA Website. Register early; seating will be limited.