IDEAL-CT round robin under way

Step 1 in the VTRC IDEAL-CT Round Robin project has taken place, and Step 2 is well underway. What was Step 1? Simple- gathering aggregates from Virginia to use in one of the two round robin mixes. Representatives from Bluegrass Testing Labs, VTRC, and VAA descended on Cedar Mountain Stone in Mitchells, VA, to gather fine and coarse aggregates. The aggregates will be blended into a VDOT SM-12.5A mix following current specifications. The second mix, VDOT SM-9.5A, will use aggregate gathered in Kentucky.

The two mix designs developed in Step 2 will be run through the IDEAL-CT tests to establish a baseline. Along with the IDEAL-CT, Bluegrass will be performing Cantabro and rutting tests on these designs as additional mix validation procedures. Once the designs are finalized and approved by VTRC, Bluegrass will be shipping samples to round robin participants for Step 3. So far, nearly 50 public and private labs are participating in the study. Not part of the study and would like to participate? Contact Mike Dudley for more information 804-288-3169.