Hot Off the Presses: VAA’s 2022 Annual Report

For the third year, VAA produced and shared an annual report with members, non-members and the public. “The Board of Directors and I want to be transparent on the accomplishments and health of the association,” said Trenton Clark, president of VAA. “Right now, VAA has over 130 members. While many of these companies are in Virginia, several are national members. We realize some companies cannot attend all our events, so we want to ensure they know what their association is doing. Even though they may not attend our ‘family reunion’ (i.e., annual meeting), they will still get our letter.”

The 2022 annual report covers the four strategic pillars of VAA – represent, connect, educate and lead, along with the association’s fiscal health and growth of the Women of Asphalt Virginia branch.

Some of the highlights from 2022 are:

  • 131 members (up from 95 in 2015).
  • 1,600 attendees at VAA-sponsored and co-sponsored events.
  • 1,450 credentials issued through VECAT.
  • 13 scholarships at $5,000 each.
  • Largest Women of Asphalt branch in the U.S.

Finally, the annual report outlines the long-term direction of VAA. More exciting announcements will be made at the annual meeting.

Read all about 2022 at this link. If your company has not joined VAA’s family, we invite you to do so. Members get exclusive access to technical assistance, information, scholarship opportunities and individualized training.